About CDNC

The Chronic Disorders Network Core is an initiative founded by KMO Public Health Consulting Inc. It was evident that there was a great need for a national network for chronic disorders, whereby individuals living with chronic disorders and those caring for them would have the ability to access quality information on the disorders of interest to them as well as the organizations and resources available. In addition, KMO also saw the opportunity for individuals living with chronic disorders and / or the people caring for them to share their experiences and add to the collective knowledge of what living with chronic disorder(s) entails on a daily basis.

One of the key benefits of this network is that it facilitates the collection of person level information / data for all chronic disorders across Canada. This network also has the ability to collect information from international members.

From this initial concept the CDNC has evolved to its current state – a network for patients, caregivers and health professionals to share and access information about the chronic disorders of interest to them.

CDNC is a for-profit company and does not receive ongoing government funding. CDNC membership is free and plans on maintaining this for non-industry users. However, CDNC does accept gifts through PayPal and Patreon. CDNC also allows sponsorship from other health related organizations such as non-profits.

In the future CDNC aims to generate income by: allowing product and services advertising on its website; and creating statistical and epidemiological reports from the aggregated data collected from the online patient survey questionnaires. These reports will be available to non-profits, governments and health related companies for a fee.